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At the exhibition “RosUpack 2019”, held at the Crocus Expo IEC in June 2019, was presented laser equipment, which already allows Conflex’ partners to apply new options in packaging. So what the new installed equipment can? Chief technologist Dmitry Gridnev tells that laser equipment will give the packaging new aesthetic properties, as well as special properties to facilitate the use of packaging by the end consumer or properties that allow the product to be properly preserved.


Various samples with windows were made. These are two-layer and three-layer laminates. In our opinion, the following segments of the food market are the most interested in using transparent windows that demonstrate the product to the consumer:

  • bulk products (cereals and pasta);
  • confectionery;
  • snacks (mainly nuts and dried fruits);
  • dumplings.

2. PERFORATION – through holes in the material that allow the product to “breathe”.


3. INCISIONS – laser cauterization of the material for several microns without the appearance of a through hole. This property is used for easy opening of the package.

4. APPLYING INFORMATION TO THE MATERIAL. It can be the same information that protects the product from forgery or different information – for example, applying a promo code.

We are ready to start new projects for our partners that will improve packaging and create additional value for the end consumer.

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